Projecting Exponential Growth

Xsite Solutions is a Growth Consultancy Services firm that assists both emerging and established brands with vertical growth, horizontal growth and profit growth.

It was founded by Jojo Ajero several years ago when acquaintances in top management posts and entrepreneurs asked help from him to find faster ways for them to grow since they were craving for more than the usual 10% – 15% increase.

What they needed were ways to find & predict where growth can come from using analytics, map out revisions in their business model, understand when to jump to the next S-Curve and execute an innovation program.

For emerging brand owners and entrepreneurs, the situation was more of surviving a landscape that has become ultra-competitive, where me-too strategies lead to nowhere, hence the need for senior strategists and professional systems developers that they can pay on a per-project basis than hiring them full-time.

Members of the Xsite Team have the appropriate expertise to guide both client groups so Xsite used its experience and expertise in data science, analytics, business model mapping, digital tools development, and customized growth frameworks to grow clients’ businesses.

Jojo Ajero’s skill for designing hypergrowth programs was a result of being mentored by one of the country’s top entrepreneurs aside from being coached by a prolific CEO and Finance guy who can solve growth problems like it was no one else’s business. This gave him the combined expertise of spotting opportunities and solving problems that lead to faster growth.

To add to that, for about three decades, Jojo Ajero has been deeply involved in retail marketing, operations, business development, franchising, financial analysis and digital marketing. The most recent decade had him immersed in predictive research, analytics, digital transformation, app development and business innovation models across a range of industries.

His mindset had to be more all-encompassing though with his daily personal pathway being a mix of viewing programs at the 30,000 feet level then going back down and deep-diving into specific tasks.

Xsite’s consultancy portfolio is mile-deep into several categories: Retail, Foodservice, Healthcare, Auto Parts and Real Estate; with a service scope that ranges from Retail Brand Strategy, Business Model Mapping, Data Strategy, Customer Experience Design, Cost Accounting, Financial Housekeeping Systems, Mobile Apps Development, Macro-Location Planning and Predictive Location Analytics. Some of their clients include Meralco Bayad Center, Coca-Cola FEMSA, the BSB Group, and San Miguel Foods Inc.

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