When your Business Partner is Also your Partner in Life

Most people would surmise that when the apple of your eye becomes your business partner, there are times when he/she would look like a poisonous fruit. Imagine being woken up in the morning by an anxious wife who starts consulting about a client’s issues. Or imagine choosing to lose a business argument to a husband with a you-can’t-mess-with-my-ego attack that day. Quite toxic huh?

For some, the above-mentioned conception might be true, but after finding your groove in running the business together, the joys of married life are multiplied. You get to chase dreams together, encourage each other during disappointing moments, and pray together for miracles.

It wasn’t a walk in the park for me and my husband, Mike—it still isn’t but we’re quite happy in this park. We run an events, brand activations, and video production company named 88 Ville Communications, which he started when he was 22.

When we got married in 2014, I left my writing career, joined him in the business, and we decided to put all our eggs in one basket. There weren’t much eggs, actually. But hey, we got two chickens!

It’s only been four years since we went all out, full time. This may seem short for some who have been doing it for decades, but we’re a couple of early generation millennials with the passion of Romeo and the patience of a munggo seed in moist cotton. Thus, we had an early beating when it comes to running a business. But those beatings became a slingshot that catapult us to where we are now.


Here are a few tips for couples who are planning to plunge into the world of the unknown monthly income.


  1. From Mike: Have an alarm clock in your mind to notify you when it’s family time.

Achieving work-life balance takes conscious effort. Date your wife, play with the kids, cook dinner every now and then. Learn to relax and embrace the blessing of family. He used to think about business every waking moment and this has made him stressed and anxious, making him miss out on the blessings that were already there.


  1. From me: When you have opposing business views, let the man win.

This may not be applicable for all but for me, this works. Submitting to my husband applies to our workplace as well. Of course, I would still state my case, ever so gently, so I wouldn’t bring it to an emotional discussion. I try to keep it logical because peace is priceless. Many moments, he would decide to follow my advice but when he insists on his decision, I would choose to yield. If his decision turns out wrong, then my role is to help him fix it without ruining his confidence. Having him on the wheel makes it relaxing to be in the passenger seat.

It is true that it is hard to be a woman. But I think it is equally difficult, if not more, to be a man, when he chooses to take responsibility for the business as well as for the family.


  1. From us: Consult and trust the Big Candle

Remember the candle activity thing during your wedding? When your candle’s fire went out, your spouse’s candle lit it up? And when you blew both your candles, the big candle was there to give light to both of you.

The big candle, symbolizing God, is essential in business. There would be a lot of uncertainties and disappointments but trusting His power is key. Plans could fail, losses may happen, but knowing that there’s someone bigger looking after you gives reason to everything that’s happening. You may not know it yet but there is. He’s the best mentor and investor anyone could ever have.


The challenges may be tremendous for couples in business, but it makes life rewarding and exciting. You would have each other to have and to hold, for better or worse, in lean season and in peak season, for won or loss bids, till death do you part.

By Lucci C. Canlas

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