Unique Franchise Brands You Don’t Know Exist

With more than 1,500 franchise brands in the Philippines, the country is now top 10 when it comes to franchising. While food remains a growing and formidable segment in the industry, this accounts to only 42% of the franchise concepts in the country. The current level of maturity and sophistication of franchising in the country has paved the way for more unique concepts in the healthcare, education, and services segment as well.

Franchising serves as the “great equalizer;” that is, as long as the business concept has a successful prototype, a duplicable system, a good track record, and a high acceptance rate among aspiring franchisees, it can achieve phenomenal growth via franchising. The following unique franchise brands prove that no business concept is too unique to grow exponentially via franchising.

1.Knots Flowers & More


Knots Flowers & More is the Philippine franchise of Singapore-based flowers and gift service

provider XpressFlower.com. It has a key brand promise: express delivery so customers

can express love through flowers. To deliver on this brand promise, the company has invested in digital technology to strengthen their supply chain network and management, logistics, and delivery services.

2. Inflatable Island

Inflatable Island

The Inflatable Island gives a whole new meaning to your summer splash by combining both the island and waterpark experience. At 3,400 square meters, it is the biggest floating waterpark in Asia, as big as eight basketball courts put together side by side. It boasts of exciting on- and off-shore activities thanks to its state-of-the-art inflatable slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, and swings, among other facilities.

3. MEDLINE Dialysis Center

Medline Dialysis

The prevalence of Filipino patients experiencing kidney failure and undergoing dialysis grows by 20 to 30 percent per year. MEDLINE Dialysis Center aims to meet this growing demand, and is committed to delivering quality, patient-centric dialysis services at affordable prices. It is also accredited by key government health institutions, including the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

4. LT&G Credit Line


Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) make up around 90 percent of the businesses in the Philippines. LT&G Credit Line, a micro-lending franchise based in the Bicol Region, aims to support the continued development of micro and small enterprises, especially in the provinces, by providing friendlier credit terms for their startup capital.

5. The Eyebrowdery


Don’t let the name fool you. Contrary to what the name suggests, The Eyebrowdery offers more than just “eyebrow embroidery”—it specializes in 3D permanent makeup inspired by practices from Thailand, Singapore, and South Korea. It only uses natural plant-based extracts, thereby making its products and services 100 percent safe, organic, and environment-friendly.

6. B&G LifeCasting

B&G Lifecasting

B&G LifeCasting is the country’s first lifecasting service franchise. Lifecasting is the process of creating 3D casts and relief impressions of body parts, usually the hands and feet. Its materials are sourced from the United Kingdom and are safe to use even on newborns. Its trained technicians can visit you in the hospital or at home to do the lifecasting service, with mold-taking guaranteed to be fast and mess-free.

7. Cosmic Kidz

Cosmic kidz

Cosmic Kidz, a brand under the Kidz Republic chain of themed indoor playgrounds, gives children a wide range of real-life role-playing activities focused on space exploration, which hone their multiple intelligences through explorative and experimental play. Its facilities have been designed to not only promote active fun but, more importantly, to provide a safe, secure, and creative learning environment.

8.  Tinker House

Tinker House

Tinker House is a mall-based learning and activity center which aims to help parents set up arts and science activities for their children at home. It provides a wide range of quality and age-appropriate project materials for children. Ultimately, the goal of Tinker House is to promote the arts, and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by creating fun and creative home projects for children.

9.  PCI Car Hub


PCI (Pulse Creative Innovations) Car Hub is a car service franchise that specializes in premier auto-detailing services and innovative car products. It pioneered the one-day auto-detailing home service, the only service of its kind in the country and is even faster than the three-day auto-detailing service of most centers. No need to beat the traffic or brave the rush hour just to get your car pampered!

10.  Canadian Tourism and Hospitality Institute (CTHI)



The Canadian Tourism and Hospitality Institute (CTHI) is the Philippine franchise of the Canadian Tourism College (CTC) of Vancouver, Canada, a multi-awarded and globally recognized provider of world-class tourism education. It provides college programs and trainings that Filipino students can finish in two years or less, so that they can immediately pursue five-star careers in tourism and hospitality.

No business concept is too unique to franchise. Francorp Philippines (www.francorp.com.ph) is here to help you turn your business into a successful franchise. To know if your business is ready to franchise, take a free franchisability assessment here http://francorp.com.ph/are-you-franchisable/ or contact Francorp Marketing at (+632) 638 3142 / 0917 835 5530 / 0920 961 0810 or email at info@francorp.com.ph



By Sam Christopher Lim

Chief Marketing Officer of Francorp Philippines; President of U-Franchise Sales & Management; and Chairperson and Director for ASEAN of the Philippine Franchise Association.


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