Injap Sia Young Entrepreneur Award

PCCI’s Injap Sia Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Awards commenced in 2015 in realization from the need to recognize the invaluable role of entrepreneurs in nation-building and by promoting successful young role models. The award entries were evaluated based on the following criteria:  Innovation, Financial Performance, Leadership and Job Generation.

The reigning champion and previous year’s awardee is none other than John Paul Miranda, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ITBS Information Technology Business Solutions Corporation. He was awarded for his exceptional talent and contribution as a young entrepreneur in the country.

Miranda topped 35 nominees from the agriculture, industry and service sectors. He was cited for his innovation and leadership, having successfully commercialized internally-funded research and development portfolio in the areas of artificial intelligence, big data  analytics, neutral networks, facial recognition, license plate recognition, disaster risk reduction and management solutions, intelligent surveillance, border protection and law enforcement and for  deploying  world-class solutions faster, better and cheaper than its competitors.

His company, ITBS Corporation, has provided new systems solutions for both the government and industrial private companies. The new systems include Disasters Management System for smart province and smart city command and control center, smart buildings and homes, city automation system with unified ID solutions, PAGCOR proxy betting solution, and the Philippines 3200MW Floating Solar Farm with Aquaphonics.

By Inspire PH Team

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