PCCI Over the Years

Entrepreneurship is the key to nation building. Undeniably, businesses become a platform in creating jobs that will sustain families.

In the Philippines, when we hear the word business we instinctively equate it to big capital and success. Investments that most of the general public can only dream of. Today’s millennials reflect with the likes of Henry Sy, John Gokongwei, Manny Pangilinan, Lucio Tan, Ramon Ang and the Ayalas. But it’s no secret to us that these business empires also started from a dream and lots of hard work.

Although it is considered easy to start a business in the country if you have an idea and the capital to boot. But the real measure is, will you be able to sustain and diversify it given the tough competition.

Business entities requires balance in terms of stakeholders, government and global relations to be able to survive disruptions in the industry, thus, a governing body needs to be present in maintaining this balance. This is where the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) comes in.

PCCI being the voice of Philippine business and the only business governing body recognized by the government and international institutions. To achieve its purpose, it consists of chapters all over the country as well as key representations outside the Philippines.

PCCI serves as a proactive catalyst of development to promote and support the drive for globally competitive Philippine enterprises in partnership with government, local chambers, and other business organizations.

In celebration of its more than a centenary of existence, let us walk through PCCI milestone for the general public to understand why it deserve the recognition to begin with.


April 19, 1886 – Camara De Commercio De Filipinas

A group of Spanish businessmen formed the Camara de Commercio de Filipinas on on this day to promote business interest. The three largest Spanish companies in Manila: La Compania General de Tabacos de Filipinas, La Fabrica de Cerveza de San Miguel, and Elizalde y Cia. They founded the Camara with basic role to “settle petty disputes between merchants.”

July 19, 1903 – Chamber of Commerce of The Philippines(CCP)

Due to waning of popularity of La Camara began during this era, a new organization the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (CCP) was formed headed by Filipino and Chinese mestizo businessmen.


March 4, 1950 – Philippine Chamber of Industries (PCI)

A group called Small Industries and Machine Shop Owners of the Philippines (SIMSOP) held its first national convention with the theme “Intensified Manufacturing and Solid Support for Basic Philippine Industries”. It was at this time when the “Dean of Filipino Industrialist” Gonzalo Puyat urged SIMSOP to change its name to Philippine Chamber of Industries (PCI). PCI’s major role is to advocated for Philippine- made products through educational campaigns with goal to alter the centuries-old colonial mentality.


July 1, 1978 – Merger of The CCP And PCI

Inevitably, with their advocacies overlapping. CCP and PCI agreed to join forces on this day and PCCI was officially established. Its initial funding came from the individual contributions of Charter members, together with some funds from the defunct PCI matched by a counterpart contribution from the CCP.

PCCI was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, composed of seven PCI directors and eight from the CCP as incorporators.


December 7, 1978 – PCCI Designated As “Single Voice of Business”

It was at this time, when then President Ferdinand E. Marcos issued Letter of Instruction No. 780 designating the PCCI as “single voice of Philippine business”.

July 1, 2018 – PCCI 2018 Anniversay

Over the years, PCCI plays a major role in providing focused advocacy for business growth. With its current board lead by PCCI president Ms. Alegria “Bing” Limjoco, the chamber continually provide business assistance to Micro, SME and Large Businesses in the country. It also conducts business matching, trade missions and network information to help start-ups.


The chamber’s role in the industry goes beyond large business functions, it also promotes sustainable development by providing business services for the advancement of grassroots entrepreneurships, chamber development, international trade relations, business innovation and excellence, and operating efficiency to all its members and aspiring entrepreneurs.

PCCI also advocates Human Resources Development, Environmental Stewardship and Corporate Social Responsibility among others.

Many of us are unaware that the chamber conducts other functions that are considered steps to nation building as well as highlight each member’s move towards the same goal.

by Inspire PH Team

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