The Promise of 2018: Giant Steps to Prosperity

As PCCI moves towards a new chapter in its steadfast role in supporting trade, investment and enterprise development, it will continue to foster greater synergies, new collaborations and opportunities to enable a stronger and dynamic representation of its members to support advocacies, business development initiatives and networking activities.

Under PCCI’s PROPERITY for Inclusive Business Banner, PCCI will continue  to create  synergies between government, local chambers, industry associations, joint foreign chambers, business councils and small and medium enterprise members economic gains from the “new wave” of business opportunities to trickle down  while supporting the competitive advantage of operating MSMEs in basic but critical areas of business planning, financial inclusion, regulatory reform, training and skills development, and international market access.

Building on the success and strong footprint of GIANT STEPS where PCCI’s leadership has propelled strong relations and leadership with both local business and government partners, 2018 will usher in a new wave of commitment to enable full consolidation of the strategic framework of GIANT STEPS to create and support an environment of “PROSPERITY” or “Promoting Sustainable Programs for Entrepreneurial Resilience, Industrialization and Tech-ready economy” for Inclusive Business.

By Inspire PH Team

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