Indulgent Celebrations: Seattle’s Best Coffee Launches Its “Just Desserts” Line

SBC Just Desserts Drinks

These days, with the hustle and bustle of everyday duties, pampering and indulging has become a luxury. With the incredibly fast-paced lifestyle and never-ending deadlines, treating oneself has become an all-too-forgotten memory. Now is the time to give oneself a feel-good moment. Take a step back from the daily grind and remind oneself, once again, that one deserves to be rewarded for all the great things accomplished for the day.

It’s time to relax, sit back, and order oneself a cup of good coffee and a slice of dessert. Or what if one   can have both? Seattle’s Best Coffee is introducing three new indulgent beverages that wrap the soul (and the stomach) with all the delicious goodness only the best desserts can bring.

The limited-edition offer called “SBC Just Desserts” features three entirely new beverages that will surely leave one’s taste buds tingling. Whether just to warm oneself up or to celebrate an awesome day, there’s always a reason to indulge in these treats, available in hot mocha or ice-blended Javakula.

Triple Chocolate

SBC Triple Chocolate.png

When it comes to chocolate, there is no such as thing as “too much”. This tempting Javakula has three times the chocolate, for three times the satisfaction. Using chocolate powder, chocolate sauce, and chocolate whipped cream, this ice-blended reward satisfies even the pickiest chocolate lover. If that wasn’t enough, the drink is also topped off with a fudge bar to complete your ultimate escape.

Campfire S’mores

SBC Campfire Smores.png

Everyone loves the taste of S’mores, and Seattle’s Best has taken this favorite dessert into a beverage that will bring back wonderful memories of warmth, love, and joy. This sweet drink is topped off with perfectly toasted marshmallow and graham crackers. A heavy sprinkling of shortbread syrup and chocolate drizzle recreates the S’mores dessert from the classic Mocha Javakula.

Hazelnut Cheesecake

SBC Hazelnut Cheesecake.png

This sweet-salty inspired Javakula drink is made from layers of crushed graham, dark chocolate syrup and cheesecake whipped cream. This dessert beverage is perfect for people who enjoy the goodness of chocolate hazelnut for that perfect lift-me-up indulgence. The explosion of different flavors will definitely leave you believing once again in heaven.

SBC Henry & Barry.png

The SBC Just Desserts collection runs until October 15, 2018 only. This offer perfectly comes with a frequency card so customers can avail of SBC’s latest merchandise featuring Henry the Calico Cat mug, Barry the Frenchie mug and an eco-friendly stainless tumbler, while they enjoy their favorite classic and featured SBC drinks.

Coffee lovers can learn more about Seattle’s Best Coffee by visiting their official website, liking them on Facebook, or following them on Instagram.

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