Manpower Acquisition, the FIG Way

There have been many issues lately on contractualization or what we locally term as “Endo” and it is easy to point finger to who is at fault or who is shortchanged but trying to hear both ends of the party gives you a better grasp of the matter on hand.


This long standing issue on Job Sub-contracting is mired with a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. Ruby Pacis, President and CEO of Faith in God Professional and Technical Services Corporation (FIGRPMPTSC), one of the top Job Contracting and Subcontracting Corporations, intends to clarify a lot of those misconceptions. While the word “agency” has had a bad rap, not all Subcontracting companies are run skirting legalities and ethics.  “We are one of the first few Subcontractors who were given a DO174-17 Certification from Department of Labor and Employment Office,” said Pacis, which is no small feat because the recent purge of Job Subcontractors in the Philippines has seen 4,580 companies downsized to 2,669 when the DO18-A Rules and Regulations on Contracting was enacted, and out of those, only 1,911 have successfully acquired the DO (Department Order) 174-17 license to (as of June 2018). Pacis’ corporation, FIGRPMTSC, is among in the first batch that was given one under the new rules.

“I do not like to be identified as an agency because there’s a wrong connotation with that word,” said Pacis, who went into the business 15 years ago because as a Human Resources Professional she didn’t like seeing employees shortchanged. “We were one of the first Job Subcontractors which implemented the Regularization Scheme. Since the start of our business operation, we include the payment for Service Incentive Leaves and Separation Pay in our billing to all our clients.

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We provide Security of Employment and Security of Tenure” to all our employees,” specified Pacis. “From day one they work for us. They are already considered on probation.” When a project ends, the employees are either transferred or are given Separation Pay. “That’s the difference between FIG and other companies. It’s why we’re still here,” added Pacis. “We give our employees more than what the law mandates.” They subsidize HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) 70/30 and personal accident insurance also at 70/30, wherein FIGRPMPTSC subsidizes the 30% of the premiums.

FIG also extend several benefits on top of what is mandated by law such as Christmas Packages aside from the 13th month pay given every December.  Employees are also involved in Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, where they are given the opportunity to find joy in giving, through sharing their talents and skills. FIGRPMPTSC gives focus on highest Attendance Rate and Lowest Attrition Rate by having a dedicated Employee/Client Hotline, Talent Online Community, Work-Buddy System and other specialized Employee Engagement Programs. Pacis wants to ensure that her company always contributes to the highest productivity and profitability of her clients by closely supervising her employees to deliver greater work performance.


“It’s a changing market,” said Pacis, explaining the need for subcontracting in the first place. “The demands of principal’s major clients are not fixed, and sometimes when the business demand is low, the business of the principals is greatly affected due to higher number of regular manpower. It’s where the business flexibility that legitimate subcontractors offer and play a vital role in principal companies.

We, in turn, can transfer the employees to another client while ensuring their Security of Tenure”. Pacis emphasizes that the definition of legitimate subcontracting allowed under Department Order (DO) 174-107 of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has several stringent requirements. A legitimate subcontractor uses its own method and equipment while performing the project inside or outside the premises of the principal/client.  It has over-all control and direct supervision to its own employees performing the tasks for a specific project. At the same time, the legitimate subcontractor has sufficient capitalization, which, under the law should be a minimum of P5M. On her end, Pacis said FIG is worth P70.5M.


“We have a group of professionals and management team consists of Technical Services or Account Manager, Account Specialist, Health & Safety Officers, and Finance Personnel managing our workforce, said Pacis.” One thing that we consider our edge over the others is that we have our own Training Center equipped with world class facilities and modules where we provide Soft and Technical Skills Training to our employees.  This enables our employees to be “Employment Ready” before we assign them to the Projects.” FIG legitimately provides for Merchandizing Support & Services because they have their own Product Retail and Distribution Company. Housekeeping Support and Services among the “cream of the crop” because the company has complete Housekeeping Equipment and Rigid Training under their Property Management Support & Services Company, wherein they provide General Housekeeping and Proper

Learn more about FIG and their services by visiting their website :

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