Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry Welcomes the Maiden Issue of E-Newsletter

Welcome to the maiden issue of the PCCI Newsletter, “Chamber News”.  This will be a regular, bi-monthly e-publication featuring policy briefs and updates of the chamber’s programs, advocacies, events and activities.


2018 was a significant year for PCCI.  The Chamber commemorated the 40th year of the signing of Letter of Instruction 780, which consolidated PCCI’s leadership of the business community and gave rise to the recognition of the Chamber as the “single voice of Philippine business.”

It was a year that saw many exciting work as we fostered greater synergies, collaborations and opportunities to enable a stronger representation of our members — whether it be in voicing support to our advocacies, in business development initiatives and in networking activities.

This year, PCCI want to organize more exciting activities and provide you with a selection of stories, news, events, and resources to keep you informed and stay in touch with what’s going on within and outside the Chamber.  This is the primary goal of this newsletter.

The maiden issue also welcomes and congratulates the new members of the PCCI Board of Directors, Mr. Edgardo “Injap” Sia and Mr. Menardo Jimenez.  In this newsletter is the new composition of the PCCI Board that last year saw the loss of two of our members, Mr. Donald Dee and Mr. Eric Cruz.

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