Know How to Keep Your Employees Engaged with Free Ebook

We couldn’t stress enough that having contented and happy workforce equates to a prosperous business. In order to sustain loyalty from your employees, businesses need to evolve with the changing of times.

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Award-winning and Amazon Bestselling author, international corporate trainer, and career coach Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag makes her newly-released eBook Keep Your Employees Engaged! Low Cost and No Cost Ways available for free download on Amazon during its virtual launch from May 29-30, 2019. The author wrote this book to help business owners, particularly SMEs, lower their attrition rate and keep their employees motivated and engaged while working in their company. She also introduced the Wholistic Approach to Human Resource Management in this new book. She reminded business owners and HR professionals that their employees do not only have bodies and minds that need to be nourished but hearts and spirits as well.

“I hope to help my fellow business owners and HR practitioners through this book by helping them discover strategies that can help them keep their employees loyal and happy without breaking the bank,” Dumadag says.

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“I know that this is a constant struggle of SMEs like me,” she added.

Ginger Arboleda, CEO of Manila Workshops and the co-founder of Taxumo, has this to say about Dumadag’s latest book, “I love that this book gave me ideas on how to constantly motivate and keep my employees happy. I’m sure that this book will help a lot of business owners maintain healthy and happy relationships with their own employees.”

“Filled to the brim with practical ideas and concrete examples to create better work environments and more effective teams,” is what bestselling author, sought-after speaker and businessman Bo Sanchez says about Dumadag’s latest book after reading it.

Business owners and HR professionals can reserve their free copy via this link:

This virtual launch is supported by our media partner

Amazon Prime members can download the eBook for free before and after the free book promotion. Regular customers can purchase the eBook at $2.99.

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