Young Artist Czar Kristoff Receives the Second “Portfolio Art Prize”.

2020 Portfolio Agents of Change: 10 Artists Supporting Artists

The Young artist Czar Kristoff was awarded the second “Portfolio Art Prize” consisting of PHP 300,000 in a ceremony at the Drawing Room Gallery. The grant, conceived by Italian Ambassador Giorgio Guglielmino and Hugo Bunzl, were supported by the Drawing Room Gallery and by curator Angel
Vasco Shaw, is based on the sale of a portfolio containing 10 photographic works by as many artists entitled “2020”.

Thanks to the funds raised with the sale of the portfolio, prizes are awarded to young artists who have been selected by a special jury. The idea is to be able to give artists a financial basis to continue their work in this period of generalized difficulties. The first winner of the grant was artist Issay Rodriguez, Young Filipina contemporary and multidisciplinary, focuses on themes of humanism and ecology, which sometimes touch on sociology and anthropology. 

Czar Kristoff (born in Laguna in 1989) is an artist who works across photography, video, site specific installation and independent

Young Artist Czar Kristoff with an art grant of PhP300,000 from the sale of the 2020 portfolio of 10 prominent Filipino artists whose works are in the background.

Asked to comment on the award received, Kristoff said “Actually the other day I was reflecting on my first photographs and projects. I also realized that this month marks the 10th year of my photography journey which has been a roller coaster ride. I had many doubts and challenges along the way as a young artist but photography allowed me to stay on track. And for the people of the “Portfolio Art Prize” to recognize and acknowledge this journey and the potential of my ability is a wonderful gift.”

The Drawing Room owner Cesar Jun Villalon, businessman Hugo Bunzl, second winner of the Portfolio Art Grant – young artist Czar Kristoff and Italian Ambassador Giorgio Guglielmino.

Giorgio Guglielmino and Hugo Bunzl hope that new sales of the portfolio, which is a limited edition, will soon allow to hand over another prize to support young talented artists in this unprecedented time.


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