Rainy-day Laundry Blues: Why Care+ Hygiene Are Musts This Rainy Season

Washing clothes on a normal day can be a challenge, what more when you need to do it during the rainy season?

Laundry can take a lot of time and effort. First, you must do all the preps: reading the proper care label for each garment, sorting the whites from the colored ones, and grouping them per batch. These initial steps can already be troublesome and time-consuming for a lot of people.

On top of these, since drying clothes in the sun is out of the question, the extra hassle of doing it indoors leaves us with a few more challenges.

Here are some helpful tips that you can use to shake off all the rainy-day laundry blues. Win the laundry game with Care+ Hygiene and keep your clothes clean, hygienic, and fresh-smelling every day.


During the rainy season, our clothesline, more often than not, serve very little purpose for drying clothes. We either let clothes dry in front of the electric fans or even blow-dry it using hairdryers.

Good thing with Panasonic NA-S106FX1LP Front Load Washer Dryer, washing and drying clothes are now made convenient. You just need to select a course and let the washing machine take care of everything.

The larger drum also makes it easier for clothes to spread out inside resulting to less wrinkling of the garments.


Kulob is arguably the most-dreaded enemy during the rainy season. It is when the clothes left to dry indoors develop distinct and unpleasant odor, caused by bacteria and germs that grow on the fabrics because of the lack of proper ventilation.

With Panasonic Washing Machine that has the Blue Ag+ feature, bacteria elimination in clothes is a breeze. Even your delicate garments which are normally dried indoors are kept smelling fresh after every wash.

Blue Ag+ technology also eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and still has an antibacterial effect even after washing. This stops the growth and spread of the odor-causing germs.


Wet clothes can cause buildup of bacteria and allergens, making them unhygienic especially for infants. Parents must practice pre-care before washing to ensure safety. Soaking them in warm water or using a chlorine bleach helps eliminate these bacteria and allergens. However, the additional step only makes the entire washing experience tedious. Additionally, chlorine bleach can only be used on white garments.

An easy and effective way to ensure the hygiene of your family is to use a washer that combines the pre-care step with the actual laundry process.

Panasonic Washing Machine with Blue Ag+ releases silver ions that sterilize clothes, even with cold water, which make it suitable for delicate garments and colored items. There’s also the StainMaster+ feature that helps protect babies from allergies as it effortlessly washes away stubborn stains, bacteria, dust mites, and allergens in clothes using hot water (up to 90ºC).


With the rain comes a slew of other hard-to-remove stains like mud and dirt.

The ActiveFoam System feature of Panasonic Washers easily remove these stubborn stains by creating fine, dense foam that penetrates deep into fabric to thoroughly remove dirt and lift stains easily. Partnered with the StainMaster+ feature, taking care of these hard-to-remove stains is now made easier.

So, doing laundry this rainy season doesn’t have to be a hassle. Enjoy clean, easy, hygienic, and fresh-smelling clothes every day and preserve the quality and texture of your clothes with the perfect laundry partner – the Panasonic Washing Machine.

Unleash the clean freak in you as #CareWins every day at home with the Japan Quality appliances of Panasonic.

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