In the pursuit to breathe a cleaner air, InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc.,  the Company which made a difference in the pharmaceutical industry has come up with an ACT that will give peace of mind to household, offices and automobiles alike.


Your first and best choice for car and indoor air purification.

With extra consideration of the pandemic and the need to go out for work, do groceries and other inevitable extra-curricular activities, this gadget gives everyone a piece of mind of a clean indoor vehicle environment whenever on board the vehicle.


In order to keep homes conducive for learning, work from home set up and other chores, air purification is key. PuriFirst offers everyone in the household a space that’s perfect for every task at hand.

Purifirst features a Twin Panel Medical Grade Purifier that is Wifi able that will be able to secure 120 square meter Coverage Area. Perfect for Offices, hospitals. schools, etc.

-PRIMARY FILTER: filters floating debris, pollen, pet dander and dustmites

-COLD CATALYST FILTER: absorbs air pollutants, toxic gases and smoke particles.

-CELLULAR-ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER: disintegrates formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, harmful gases and odors

-ANTIBACTERIAL FILTER: anti-molds, anti-mildew and non-moisture that eliminates germs and stops the spread of bacteria

-HIGH-EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE AIR (HEPA) FILTER: blocks tiny dust particles such as viruses and allergens that can easily enter our lungs
-ULTRAVIOLET (UV) STERILIZING LIGHT: kills gems, dust mites, fungus and other contaminants.

ANION PURIFICATION: increases healthy air moisture that helps people suffering from asthma and allergic rhinitis

-Application Area: 50-70 m2

-CADR: 350 m3/h

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